WinOps London 2019 - Workshops

23rd September

WinOps Workshop Puppet

Bolt - from zero to automation hero in half a day (PM)

Do you just want to get work done, instead of wasting time setting up complicated automation platforms? Then attend this half-day workshop where you’ll learn how to quickly get results on Windows with Bolt: the free, open source task runner.

Bolt allows you to quickly leverage any (PowerShell) automation scripts you already have, professionalize them, extend them with pre-automated Puppet code and share work with your peers. It’s the perfect way of becoming a master in Puppet without ever installing Puppet.

You will also learn how to connect Bolt to Puppet Enterprise and scale up all of Bolt’s features to the enterprise level.


1. Bolt:

Install Bolt


2. Visual Studio Code (VSCode):

Install Visual Studio Code

Firstly install VSCode from here.

Then, install the official ‘Puppet’ extension by James Pogran from here.

3. Puppet Development Kit (PDK):

Puppet Development Kit integration

Puppet Development Kit

In VSCode settings change the “Puppet:

Install Type” setting to ‘pdk’.

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