WinOps London 2019 - Workshops

23rd September

WinOps Workshop Octopus Deploy

Turbocharging your CI/CD pipeline with Octopus & TeamCity

Have you accidentally become the person in charge of “DevOps”? Are you caught in a stream of editing a slow deployment pipeline? Are you still deploying manually?

Fear no more, in this workshop, Derek will talk you through some CI/CD core concepts, best practices and talk through real-world release management and automation problems and how to overcome them.

You will get hands-on access to TeamCity & Octopus Cloud and will configure and prepare a build, test it, create the release and deployment pipeline of a sample application and get you deploying from Dev, through to test and lastly to Production.


You will need a laptop that can run VS Code/Visual Studio and a modern web browser to access Octopus & TeamCity.

Time: 3.5 Hours

0-15 minutes

  • Settling in
  • Introductions
  • Laptop Setup

15-30 minutes

  • Get people set up and logged in to Octopus Cloud
  • Get people set up and logged in to TeamCity Cloud
  • Laptop Setup

45-75 minutes

  • Get TeamCity building package
  • Create Build
  • Add Octopus Plugin
  • Create a Service Account

75-105 minutes

  • Integrate OD & TC
  • Permission discussion
  • Define Deployment Process

105-135 minutes

  • Create Variables
  • Add Infrastructure to Octopus

135-165 minutes

  • Deploy to Development
  • Deploy to Test
  • Deploy to Production

165-195 minutes

  • Partner up and talk partner through you CI\CD pipeline
  • Questions & Answers

195-210 Minutes

  • Wrap up/Summary
  • Next Steps

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