WinOps London 2019 - Workshops

23rd September

WinOps Workshop DevOpsGroup

Scaling Agile with LeSS

An in-depth workshop into the main Agile meeting events and the direct benefit and value they have within the Scaled Agile framework; LeSS.

LeSS is a scaled up version of one-team Scrum, and it maintains many of the practices and ideas of one-team Scrum. In LeSS, you will find:

  • a single Product Backlog (because it’s for a product, not a team),
  • one Definition of Done for all teams,
  • one Potentially Shippable Product Increment at the end of each Sprint,
  • one Product Owner,
  • many complete, cross-functional teams (with no single-specialist teams),
  • one Sprint

In LeSS all Teams are in a common Sprint to deliver a common shippable product, every Sprint.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Identify and describe each of the Agile meetings
  • Understand how each meeting flows into the next
  • Produce a two week iteration which include relevant meetings to you

Armed with this, you and your teams will be in a position to adopt these meetings into their everyday routine, the first step to adding some cadence and structure around scaling Agile.

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