WinOps London 2019 - Workshops

23rd September

WinOps Workshop Chocolatey

Organizational Use: Easily automate your Windows Software Lifecycle

Deploying software can be repetitive, complex, and error-prone. What if you could quickly solve these issues and spend more time on high-value tasks?

Software management and deployment is already a task, getting that good base of infrastructure in place right definitely helps. Chocolatey aims to automate the entire software lifecycle from install through upgrade and removal on Windows operating systems. Write Once, Deploy Anywhere, with Anything, and then Simply Track & Manage.

When you are using Chocolatey for software deployments, there are some recommendations on how to set up repositories and Configuration Management, not to mention how best to set up your production deployment infrastructure for success. Achieving reliability, repeatability, and scale is important in any organization - come let us show you how to easily achieve all of that.

In this workshop you will get hands-on experience with:

  • Setting up your workstation for Chocolatey packaging (best tools to use)
  • Preparing Chocolatey for internal use
  • Setting up package repositories (e.g Nexus)
  • Self Service Management of Package Installations
  • Synchronizing traditionally installed applications with Chocolatey Packages
  • Combining Chocolatey with Configuration Management Systems (e.g Puppet)
  • Complete visibility of package installations using Chocolatey Central Management
  • Hands-on advice and best practices from Chocolatey experts


  • Computer with a network connection and RDP client on Windows. You are probably all set but make sure you have the latest RDP client that supports NLA, or Download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Microsoft Store, on macOS get Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store, and on Linux get remmina
  • Some Chocolatey knowledge but it's OK if you are not a Chocolatey expert!

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