WinOps London 2018 - Speaker

16th November

WinOps Speaker Rob Reynolds

Talk Details

Talk: Software Deployment Automation with PowerShell and Chocolatey

Room: TAB

Talk Time: 2:00 - 2:45pm

Have you ever wanted simpler software deployment automation? Have you ever wanted to manage software by writing PowerShell? How about building that deployment package once and then using any deployment engine to work with those software installations? Have you ever wanted to track all aspects of Windows software - zips, scripts, binaries, and yes software installed in Programs and Features (installers) as well? Well then you are in luck! there is a 7yo technology you are going to love, and it has a sweet name. Come learn about packaging with Chocolatey, maybe even see some Docker testing environments.

Rob Reynolds | Chocolatey

Rob is a developer turned founder who has a passion for developing low maintenance solutions with great user experiences and common sense approaches. He has been involved with several highly successful open source projects related to automation in the Windows ecosystem. Rob has over 10 years experience in infrastructure automation and modern automation approaches (something most folks simply call “CI/CD” and “DevOps” nowadays).

In his day job he is solving software management automation for Windows with Chocolatey Software. Rob is very active in OSS and manages several OSS projects. Some of those projects include Chocolatey (software management/package management for Windows) and RoundhousE (database migration engine, part of the Chuck Norris Framework). He tends to speak his mind about the importance of behavior-driven design, and his polyglot is all entranced in C# and Ruby right now. Viva la DevOps (with a side of bacon)!

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