WinOps London 2018 - Speaker

16th November

Talk Details

Talk: PowerShell in the Enterprise

Room: Alt

Talk Time: 3:50 - 4:35pm

There have been many PowerShell meetup sessions around what is PowerShell, what it can do, writing functions, a look at DSC, different use caseS.. the list goes on.

Influenced by working in a software house, this talk will walk through how you can take the same ideologies in software development ("DevOps") to gain further value out of invested technologies to build a secure PowerShell enterprise environment in a very easy, quick and effective way with examples along the way.

This talk will enable you to

  • move away from folders of scripts that have to be copy/paste anywhere you want to run them
  • Implement a pipeline to seamlessly add value and security to your environment
  • Source control your PowerShell resources like your apps
  • Improve code/documentation quality
  • Remove direct access to production environments to perform elevated tasks
  • Inherit built-in PowerShell resource dependency mechanisms
  • Improve inter-team collaboration/knowledge transfer
  • Further bridging the gap between teams (Ops, Sec, Dev, DBA)

This talk touches on varying amounts of

  • PowerShell Repositories (Incl. dependency control)
  • Jenkins Jobs/Pipelines
  • Storing Credentials / Secret Rotation
  • GitHub (Source Control)
  • PowerShell Security / PowerShell Logging
  • PowerShell DSC (Push/Pull)
  • PKI

Rhys Evans | Capgemini

DevOps & PowerShell Professional

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