WinOps London 2018 - Speaker

16th November

WinOps Speaker Stuart Preston

Talk Details

Talk: Chef Workstation on Azure

Room: TAB

Talk Time: 12:10 - 12:55pm

In this demo-rich session, we will discuss the tools and techniques you can use to deliver value to your projects using Chef on the Azure platform. Our newest project, Chef Workstation, is available directly within Azure Cloud Shell and we’ll be demonstrating how to get started with ad-hoc Chef commands and more complex scenarios. We’ll also demonstrate how you should be testing in and outside the VM by using our compliance toolset, InSpec.

Stuart Preston | Chef

Stuart's career spans a couple of decades of consultancy, advisory and CTO positions mostly in the Microsoft app dev world. These days he works in the Product/Engineering team at Chef and helps design and build our Microsoft ecosystem story with Windows, PowerShell, Azure and Azure DevOps. He has been a contributor to open source Chef for many years and literally wrote the book on Using Chef with Microsoft Azure. Stuart was awarded Microsoft MVP status in 2016. Outside of work, Stuart enjoys driving and sampling the many breweries on offer in his home town of York.

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