WinOps London 2018 - Speaker

16th November

WinOps Speaker Chris Gardner

Talk Details

Talk: Building Better Bricks: PowerShell Module design and development best practice

Room: Alt

Talk Time: 4:35 - 5:20pm

There have been many PowerShell meetup sessions around what is PowerShell, what it can do, writing functions, a look at DSC, different use caseS.. the list goes on.

In the Windows world the automation language of choice is PowerShell. To create reusable tools we should be aiming to write functions and then package those up into modules for distribution. A major benefit of PowerShell is its flexibility in how you can solve a problem, packaging your modules can be one of these problems and it has many solutions.

This talk will look at the main approaches that are used, common pitfalls, and some of the best practices that should be used to make developing the module as low effort as possible. We'll also look at how we can make publishing the module easier, and ease the use for end users.

Chris Gardner | Black Marble

Chris Gardner is a DevOps and ALM consultant with over 4 years' experience working with PowerShell. He has recently been focusing on using DSC to configure Windows for a variety of purposes, particularly when provisioning dev/test environments in Azure.

Chris is a regular speaker at PowerShell user groups in the UK and international events. He also attempts to blog here.

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