WinOps London 2017

20th - 21st of September 2017

Workshops - Day 1

On day 1 of WinOps, this year, we are running a series of workshops hosted by our sponsors. These will be hands-on technical sessions and give attendees a real learning opportunity.

8:30 - 9:00am | Registration & Breakfast

9:00am - 12:30pm | Morning Session

WinOps 2017 Sponsor Docker

Workshop 1 - Docker

Docker on Windows: From 101 to Production

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WinOps 2017 Sponsor New Relic

Workshop 2 - New Relic

DevOps Without Measurement is a Fail

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WinOps 2017 Sponsor DevOpsGroup

Workshop 3 - DevOpsGroup

DevOps from the Trenches

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12:30pm - 1:30pm | Lunch

1:30 - 5:00pm | Afternoon Session

WinOps Sponsor Chef

Workshop 4 - Chef

Continuous Compliance

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WinOps Sponsor Puppet

Workshop 5 - Puppet

Learn all about Puppet for Windows environments

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WinOps Sponsor Chocolatey

Workshop 6 - Chocolatey

Packaging Software for Windows

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Workshop Details

Docker on Windows: From 101 to Production | Docker

Docker is a platform for running applications in lightweight units of compute called containers. You can run new and old apps in containers, and get increased portability, security and efficiency for your software. The platform supports the full development and deployment lifecycle - with Docker you can build, ship and run any app anywhere.

Docker has production support for containers on Windows Server 2016, and Windows containers don't need separate licencing. Migrating your apps to Docker is a great way to increase utilization in your datacenter, or to prepare for a move to the cloud. When your app is running in Docker, it's easy to break features out and run them in separate containers, so you can deploy updates to your app without a full regression test.

In this half-day workshop you'll use Docker EE on Windows Server 2016* and learn:

  • How Docker containers work on Windows
  • How to package existing .NET apps using Docker
  • How to break features out from a monolith into separate containers
  • How to add monitoring to your containers

* - you don't need your own Windows Server machine, you'll be provided with a VM in the cloud. You just need a Remote Desktop client so you can connect.

DevOps Without Measurement is a Fail | New Relic

New Relic delivers trusted and integrated data for every stage of your DevOps journey. From your infrastructure health to application changes and their impact on performance, using New Relic as part of your DevOps toolset enables increased organisational agility and speed that is measurable.

And that’s the key. DevOps practices don’t help if you aren’t measuring the impact to your systems and to your digital business. New Relic helps you make sure you’re doing DevOps the right way with detailed metrics and shared visibility for everyone.

Join our workshop and learn how New Relic enables today’s leading digital businesses access real-time and historical data across the entire stack—from infrastructure and application performance to customer experience and business metrics.

Come prepared for an interactive session, led by our team of expert instructors, who’ll highlight:

  • Why DevOps is important for your business
  • The key pillars of successful DevOps
  • Emerging trends in the use of containers to enable agility
  • Real-world examples that address common DevOps challenges
  • Sample dashboards and metrics that help dev and ops teams stay in sync

DevOps From the Trenches | DevOpsGroup

Our “DevOps From The Trenches” workshop is exactly that – first hand experiences from DevOps Practitioners on the frontline.

Our workshop is based on our experience of working with dozens of leading organisations around the globe in a variety of market sectors. We have devised this course to help people gain a better understanding of what DevOps is, what it looks like in action, the pitfalls and of course, how to kick-start your own DevOps revolution.

DevOps From The Trenches uses interactive workshops to teach delegates about real-life DevOps, from basics through to advanced topics. Devised and delivered by DevOps professionals, this course explores how to unlock the potential of DevOps and apply it successfully in your own organisation.

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • The principles behind DevOps
  • How the competing forces of Change and Stability can be united under DevOps
  • Why DevOps organisations have a competitive advantage
  • The Agile and Lean Foundations of DevOps
  • The three ways of DevOps
  • How DevOps is being applied at scale
  • How to adopt DevOps in your organisation

Continuous Compliance | Chef

Learn how you can test for common user security issues and programmatically determine when you are failing to meet your regulatory requirements.

Participants will first learn how to run basic InSpec compliance tests against a windows server. InSpec tests will include:

  • Tests for common user security issues.
  • Tests for well know vulnerabilities.

InSpec DSL will be covered. Attendees will:

  • Use the audit cookbook to register compliance results in automate.
  • Develop cookbooks to fix compliance issues using test kitchen with InSpec.
  • Use the cookbooks to fix and report compliance status to automate.

Learn all about Puppet for Windows environments | Puppet

Get hands-on with Puppet and learn about the Puppet language, the Unicode handling and cross-platform capabilities, the superiority of PowerShell, SQL Server Release and IIS Release, and finally about the importance of having the full visibility of resource dependencies with Package Inspector.

In this half-day workshop you'll be shown, by Puppet engineers, how to:

  • Set up a group of pre-provisioned Windows Servers on Azure and how to utilise PE Console as configuration monitoring tool.
  • Keep systems secure and compliant with regulations

For a better learning experience we recommend to run the following self-paced training courses. They're focused on a specific part of learning and have zero setup time (that gives you a VM in your web browser).

Self-paced training courses recommended:

Attendees need to bring their own laptop and comply with the requirements below:

  • Ability to connect to Puppet Demo Network/Azure environment, meaning:
    • Browser that allows to view pages over HTTPS with development certificates being used; this generates a security warning in most browsers - the browser and laptop should not be restricted from opening those pages;
    • MS RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Client;
  • A text editor (preferably with support for Puppet syntax e.g. Atom, Notepad++, vim)

Packaging Software for Windows | Chocolatey

When it comes to DevOps, you can't spell it properly without good software management (aka package management). Behind every great infrastructure management solution out there is a great package manager. Windows has long been left out of the conversation for DevOps due to a lacking solution for package management. Worse, with Windows, over 80% of the management and configuration deals with software installation management.

However over the past 6 years, Chocolatey has become the de facto software management solution for Windows. Hundreds of organizations have turned to Chocolatey due to its extreme flexibility, common sense, universal approach to software management, and use of non-proprietary, well-known technologies like PowerShell. Even certain groups at Microsoft use Chocolatey!

When shifting from traditional methods of software deployment to packaging, there is a bit of a learning curve. Learn the best approaches to package management. In this workshop you will get hands on experience with:

  • Creating packages
  • Creating packages with Package Builder
  • Creating packages with Package Internalizer
  • Setting up a Chocolatey package repository
  • Reporting
  • Extension Packages
  • Template Packages
  • Handling Package parameters

Keynote Speakers

This year we have two fantastic keynote talks lined up, before the conference splits into four tracks, giving everyone a wide range of talks to pick from and enjoy!

See All Our Speakers View The Agenda

Jeffrey Snover

Empowering DevOps with Azure Stack

Sam Guckenheimer

Moving 70,000 Microsofties to DevOps on the Public Cloud

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